NFTYPE is an artwork by NFTXYZ , a collective for conceptual digital art and connected by a love of design and aesthetics. The drive to create something of their own was born from both an excitement about the revolutionary possibilities of NFTs and a simultaneous revulsion at the loud, strident bubble that has formed. They playfully drafted initial concept ideas about Swiss design, typography that provide joy, with a wink.


Explosions of color, flashy collisions of pixels, sensory overload – our NFTs are different. The courage to pare things down and embrace original concepts is what makes them come alive. A strong statement of plainness in a time of unlimited opportunities. NFTYPEs are much more than mere NFTs. They don’t glitter; they don’t boast. They’ll winkingly bring you calm, steady joy.

The Numbers Collection

We all have a favorite number, and each one in this Collection is just as unique as you. Their minimalist design is timeless. Get your number today. Keep it in your personal digital gallery or trade it with other number aficionados. There are a couple of very special personalities who have inspired us all along this journey. As a token of our appreciation, their favorite numbers are reserved and not for sale.